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Kid's Best Sellers

IBO stocks a range of quality kids clothing, reasonably priced for your fashion-conscious kids. But, with so many brands available and each one claiming to be of the finest quality, how do you make a well-informed choice? We share a few tips to help you decide.

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Cheap thrills

Dress your kids in the latest fashion trends. But, if you choose cheaper, unbranded items, you could be throwing your money away.  Colours fading after one wash, seams opening up or buttons and zips coming loose: does this sound familiar? 

It gets expensive when you have to constantly replace clothes that malfunction. It’s time to trust the quality of brand-name clothing - because it’s unrivalled. And, if you know where to shop, you can buy well-known brands for great quality at great prices. 

Real style - without breaking the bank

International labels like Nike, Jordan and Converse design kids clothing with style and quality top of mind. Investing in stylish, quality garments that last instead of buying quantity, won’t break the bank. 

Branded apparel is made from higher-grade cotton, more washable man-made fibre combos, or luxury fabrics that don’t appear in cheaper brands. 

The superiority of completed products cannot be denied. Seams and buttonholes are superbly finished and won’t come apart, buttons and zips are hardy to withstand active kids, and often trimmings such as pockets are well stitched to prevent ripping.

The look and fit of branded kids best-sellers is unparalleled; garments look more expensive and fit well. Well-established brands are fussy about their cuts and fabrics. This is what sets famous brand-name pieces apart from generic brands.

And of course, clothing made from better material means designer wear is more likely to last longer.

Do you have bigger concerns?

If you are concerned about the health of the planet for your children’s future, then designer brands should be your choice. They’re likely to be more environmentally conscious and ethical about where and how they source raw materials, and their production processes.

Nike kids fashion products are one such example. Most fabrics are chosen for being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Items in their sportswear range for boys and girls are made from 50% or more recycled polyester fibres. Girls’ Nike leggings are made with soft, comfy and stretchy, Dri-FIT material so active kids are not slowed down by sweaty, sticky longs. 

Top selling children's clothes are made from soft and lightweight cotton or ribbed fabric that stretch and move as kids do. Cuts of some items are loose and unstructured for laid-back comfort. New designs are wear-tested before they are shipped out to stores to ensure the high quality is consistent.

Converse has also set some ambitious environmental goals to use some eco-friendly materials, including organic and recycled cotton and polyester. The brand has a waste reduction strategy for the majority of its supply chain and reduces the quantity of off-cuts in parts of the manufacturing process. 

Where can I buy kids best sellers?

IBO has a great range of branded kids best-selling clothes that will make your little ones look oh so cool. We have children’s favourite brands available 24/7 in our online store. Shop at your convenience for quality delivered to your door.

We stock kids top sellers in Converse, Nike, and Jordan, including Leggings, hoodies, tees, dresses and more

How much do kid's best sellers cost?

IBO has always been synonymous with quality and style. When you buy IBO fashion, you know you’re getting premium quality fabrics and materials at a price you can afford. 

Remember, your kid’s wardrobe is incomplete without that distinctive IBO touch.

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