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  1. Converse Core Plus Yarn Dye Fleece
    Converse Core Plus Yarn Dye Fleece
    As low as R315.00 Regular Price R449.00
  2. Mango Grace Jeans
    Mango Grace Jeans
    As low as R420.00 Regular Price R599.00
  3. Mango Linen Trousers
    Mango Linen Trousers
    As low as R490.00 Regular Price R699.00
  4. Trousers Horse
    Trousers Horse
    As low as R560.00 Regular Price R799.00
  5. Mango Semi Trousers
    Mango Semi Trousers
    As low as R315.00 Regular Price R449.00
  6. Mango Cola Trousers - Camel
    Mango Cola Trousers - Camel
    As low as R350.00 Regular Price R499.00
  7. Trousers Cola
    Trousers Cola
    As low as R420.00 Regular Price R599.00
  8. Ladies Fashion Wide Leg Trouser Suit
    Ladies Fashion Wide Leg Trouser Suit
    As low as R420.00 Regular Price R600.00

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Shop Women's Pants for Sale

Premium quality women's pants shouldn’t be expensive. Or so we believe. At International Brands Outlet (IBO) we're convinced that you can have it all: superior quality, affordability, and style. 

Our comprehensive collection of slacks offers a complete range, to suit all dress codes; from everyday casual wear to haute couture, to conventional office outfits, and even smart business casual pants. All these options are, of course, available in well-known household designer names like Mango and Polo.

When it comes to shopping for jeans, linen, or ladies chinos and trousers online, IBO is your sure bet. Our online e-commerce store is your one-stop-shop for high-quality fashion pants.

Shop Ladies Pants & Chinos Onlines

When it comes to pants, we know your preferences and we strive to oblige by providing you with a variety of options that reflect your individuality.

Formal women's chino pants in subtle shades like nudes, greys, and brown; casual trousers in comfortable linen and deep colours; and sturdy grey, black, and blue denim jean trousers are some of the available hues and categories. 

Our jeans let you go from the office straight into the weekend. By simply adding or subtracting the right accessories, your smart work look is immediately transformed into jaunty TGIF attire, suitable for a night on the town.

Where can I buy women's pants?

If you're looking for where to buy premium quality and affordable trousers for women, your search has been rewarded. You should look no further than IBO's online store

From tapered pants to chino pants to stretch pants and even jeans, we have a wide range of women's pants that are guaranteed to suit your wants and needs.

When you shop with us, you get timeless styles that let you switch it up from the office straight to the weekend.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about getting to the store before it closes. You can conveniently place your order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your door.

How much do women's pants cost?

At IBO, we have made a promise of premium quality, fashionable styles, and affordability. This means that we offer premium pants from name brands like Polo and Mango at more affordable prices.

Shop at IBO

When you wear IBO fashion, you’re confident that you're getting superior quality; we're dedicated to providing you with a wide range of only the best trousers for women at a bargain price.

Visit our online store to view our reasonably priced quality womenswear, shoes and accessories.

Like our Facebook page to keep updated on our exquisite collection of women’s clothing, the latest fashions and new arrivals.

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